This lakeside home is located on the picturesque Lake Nagambie waterfront in central Victoria. In this semi-rural context the land gently slopes down to the water, towering mature river gum trees are dotted along the shore with southerly views across the Goulburn River.

The house plan is organised by three courtyards that encircle a large dining room, this arrangement of space, form multiple aspects out to garden and natural vegetation, all while encouraging natural cross ventilation and solar gain to passively heat and cool the concrete floor.

Acknowledging the site's natural context, the house is formed of permeable material patterns. Pale masonry blockwork is applied in a ‘hit and miss’ technique to allow wind, light and shadow to filter into the dwelling. In contrast, dark vertical battens across both floors, operate as shading and privacy screens that feather light and air, forming a likeness to light and shadows filtered by surrounding vegetation.

Photography by Ernesto Arriagada.