Located in Anglesea, a bayside town distinct for being located at the junction between the Great Ocean Road and the Lorne - Queenscliff coastal reserve, is a two storey house, comprised of four bedrooms in total, each accompanied by their own ensuite, a formal living room room on the ground, with an open plan living arrangement directly above.

The building facade is formed of a large balcony - used as an outdoor lounge and dining space with generous views over the Great Ocean Road, it is supported by pilotis columns and rammed earth walls. Upon arrival - the balcony forms a sheltered carport and entry way into the house.

Rammed earth walls arrange the ground floor into two areas, defined as a public living space at the front and private quarters and amenities at the rear, both are connected by a glazed hallway that peers into a north facing courtyard. Rammed earth walls are left double sided - as the raw earthy texture instils a sense of tactility and warmth both inside and out.

Photography by Ernesto Arriagada.